About Kayon

We believe challenging assumptions is the starting point for creating innovative breakthroughs

Effective questioning means examining established boundaries. Being open to solutions that go against conventional thinking is a constant process of improvement fueled by intellectual curiosity. It begins by asking “what if?”

At Kayon, we organize our thinking around what we don’t know. Inquiry is core to our culture.

Executives today, regardless of company size or industry, must be willing and able to ask questions and bring fresh thinking to established ways of doing business -- or risk being disrupted by competitors who can.

Investment Thesis

As investors and operators, we bring the scars, experience, and lessons learned to engage entrepreneurial leaders with capital and support as they transform exciting ideas into market-disrupting businesses. 

Areas of Focus

  • Data & Analytics
  • Financial Technology
  • Industrial Technology
  • Software / Internet Technologies

Compelling Companies

  • Strong and Coach-able Team
  • Innovative Technology
  • Disruptive Business Model
  • Large Addressable Market

Investment Stage

  • Series Seed
  • Series A

Partnership begins by aligning investor and founder interests toward a successful outcome

Alignment of interests is always valuable, but is not always easy. It requires being clear about goals and objectives and being up front about where objectives diverge. It means earning the trust to have direct conversations about what must be done to build a successful enterprise.

Every partner at Kayon has been in the operator’s seat in a prior life, so our personal experiences inform the need to form strong partnerships with our entrepreneurs. From leveraging our professional networks, to helping build out a team, working through critical strategic decisions, or providing capital, we team with our entrepreneurs to drive a successful outcome.

The partnerships we have with investors, entrepreneurs and service providers are important contributions to a thriving ecosystem and long-term value creation.

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